The New Way Of Breathless Beauty Kicks Off right now!!!

Greetings and Love!

Can you imagine that this is the end of October???  It feels like a dream in so many ways but it is reality!

With the seasons that came and are almost changing yet again so will Breathless be having some drastic changes! All amazingly wonderful of course!

We as a whole will be focusing on our goals and our talents that we carry each and every moment with us! Our focus we will be really shifting to our products. We have brought in so many hand created items yet Hand Crafted or Hand made is not enough for us anymore!

We introduce you to our New and improved slogan and way of thinking!

Breathless Beauty Made With Real Hands!!

We sit and create with our own hands and it is important to let it be known that these creations are from us directly!

Our Holiday campaign will include tons of items! With many NEW items and the ones we have made in the past with great improvements!

Our soaps are now 5.2 ounces!!! That is an increase from the 4.8 oz. bar!!! With each soap starting in November you will get useful tips and beautiful sayings in each box! A little inspiration for our loyal customers!

We have now added 2 additional soaps to our line!    Vanilla and Honey Soap and a Neem Drawing Soap with real Organic Neem Oil and Black Walnut Powder!!

Now available to order :

Knitted socks.  We offer all sizes and colors too..

Knitted and Crocheted hats and scarfs. Offering all sizes and colors!

Have you seen our new selection of Hand Dyed and Hand Spun yarns?? All available both At our store and Online!

Our Majestic Mountain  Herbal Line is now packaged and will go on the shelf this weekend!!!!  This is very exciting . All our teas will come packaged either in a tin container with tea sacks or in a lovely box! We will still have our line available to purchase in bulk amounts too!

The focus of Breathless is now revolving into what we create!  Made With Real Hands!!!

Dawn Marie

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Inflamation OH MY!

Rainy Day Love!

These past few weeks many of our clients are suffering from bouts of inflamation!
I do a daily regime during particular seasons that help me fight off the inflamation in my body and I always share my regime with all.

For a starter Make a Tumeric Paste:
¼ cup ground turmeric
½ cup water

Combine turmeric powder and water in a saucepan.
Simmer until mixture forms a thick paste.
Let cool, then store in fridge.

The make Some Golden Milk:

Recipe for Golden Milk: Serves one

1 cup unsweetened coconut, rice, or almond milk
¼ – 1/2 teaspoon turmeric paste (or just add powder)
1 teaspoon coconut oil
Few shakes of ground black pepper
Generous dash of vanilla
Raw local honey or maple syrup to taste
Sprinkle of cinnamon

Place 1 cup milk with turmeric paste, oil, black pepper, vanilla, and honey/maple syrup into a blender.
Blend on high briefly until combined and foamy.
Pour into cup, sprinkle with cinnamon, and serve.

I heat it up a bit on the stove and Laos I like to use cayenne Pepper instead of black pepper :)

Now the Saftey Stuff:

Turmeric should not be used long term or used medicinally by those with congestive heart failure. Those prone to kidney stones, gallstones, bile duct obstruction, or GI disorders should not use turmeric. It should not be used medicinally by pregnant women. Stop using turmeric two weeks before surgery.

Now the legal stuff:

FDA Disclaimer

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

Sudsing Off
Dawn Marieturmeric-for-health-golden-milk-2

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Hand Spun Hand Dyed Yes Yes Yes!


I last spoke about the Hand Spun Yarns being available for purchase at Breathless Beauty well now it is also available for Purchase on our New etsy Site too! Those near and far can easy see and order our hand spun yarns!
We are Breathless Beauty Arts on Etsy

We are also proud to announce a new program for Youth we are implementing!
In conjunction with the Needle Arts Mentoring Program we will now be able to teach the younger generations Needle Arts!

Mentor recruiting flyer (3)

Thank you all for your continued support of Breathless!

Dawn Marie

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Handspun Now Available


Many have stopped to watch me spin and ask why I choose to do so and the answer I have has always been the same!! I am a true artist and I have come to understand that spinning fiber is a mediation for me. I have dabbled in many arts before but have realized spinning comes very naturally to me. So now the next step was in figuring out what I wanted to do with my stash and honestly I didn’t want to put it up for sale. It wasn’t until I spoke to a good customer that it all started to make some sense for me.. She said ” you create beauty and we want your beauty in our homes just like we buy your juices, smoothies and all handmade items you make and sell.”

So they are now up for sale at. Breathless. I will be posting them to the web very soon as well.

Here are the yarns I created just for sale ;)

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Breathless Now Offers!!!!!!

Love and Peace on this great monday Morning!

At Breathless Beauty Organic Vegan & Natural market we always are trying to find more and more ways to bring healthy to your homes! We have now decided to bring to you something so amazingly wonderful and nutritious that it will be making everyone happy and oh so healthy!!!

We will now be offering Freshly Made Nut Milks to order each and every Saturday!!!! You will also be able to enjoy these Nut Milks each and every weekend with a wholesome bowl of Healthy Organic NON GMO Cereal at Breathless Beauty!!!

We know many of our customers are Dairy Free, Gluten Free and vegan so why not take our health journey one step further! There are so many wide benefits of using real non commercial Nut Milks!

Commercially purchased, prepackaged Nut Milks do not provide nearly the same benefits as whole Freshly made. It’s not even close!

The first ingredient in most nut milks is either water or “Nut base” (the latter generally referring to some form of blenderized and filtered Nut water). Exactly how much nuts are contained in this “nut base” varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, if you check the fiber content of your nut milk, that number will give you some clue about the likely amount of nuts included: while there’s about one gram of fiber in every seven nuts, many nut milks generally contain zero grams of fiber per eight ounces!

Manufacturers recognize that most consumers aren’t purchasing nut milk in order to get the benefit derived from them. They view consumers as desiring a substitute for cow’s milk that looks, tastes, and flows onto cereal like cow’s milk. For this reason, they will often enrich their nut milks with the same nutrients used to enrich cow’s milk: vitamins A and D. This step makes the nut milk appear more similar to cow’s milk from the consumer perspective. Manufacturers will also often add calcium to show even more similarity between nut milk and cow’s milk. (Three-quarters of an ounce of almonds contain approximately the same amount of calories as one cup of skim milk. However, the nut contain only one-seventh the amount of calcium as found in the milk.)

Most commercially available nut milks don’t come close to the World’s Healthiest Foods’ definition of whole, natural foods. They may contain outstanding individual ingredients, including natural sweeteners and organically grown almonds; they may also be completely free of synthetic additives or preservatives. But they don’t provide the benefits of whole, natural foods in terms of nutrient quantity, nutrient diversity, or nutrient combinations.

An alternative to prepackaged, processed almond milk products, of course, is homemade Nut Milk!!!


See you all soon!

Dawn Marie

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Fall Classes at Breathless

Great Autumn Greetings.

Are the colors not beautiful!!! In these mountains they are just great. We had a great few days away on business and got to drive through the mountains of Pennsylvania and oh my the drive to and from was breath taking. We came home to amazing colors all over the deck and yard too…

While away Dawn Marie was contemplating the next set of events at Breathless.

We will have classes for Adults only in Spinning , Crochet, Knitting and Needle Felting . These classes will be on Sundays from 2-4 pm All classes start first Sunday in November . Each class with be two full hours of instruction. For $35.00 per person. All printed instructions and a Cup of either Organic Tea or Organic Coffee will be included!!!!

All classes must be paid in a week advance either by Cash ,or Credit Card.

Classes will fill up very fast so please RSVP today. All class fees are non refundable however if you are not able to attend we will reschedule your class. If you book 5 or more classes the discounted rate will be $30.00 per class.

We look forward to these classes with you.. Please email us at to RSVP today.

Spinning away
Dawn Marie

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Wont you come for Tea!

Beautiful Greetings of Autumn Beauty!

While I sit and have my first cup of tea at Breathless I see nothing but the beauty and colors of the season change over from Summer to Autumn…. Breathtaking to say the least!

There are so many hidden treasures to be found when you are amongst Nature…

As said very well by Albert Camus ” Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”

It is very well the perfect season for warm Tea!.. Well for me any season works but nothing is more amazing than waking up to crisp cool air and making the perfect cup of tea in the cooler months of the year!

What drives us to be fascinated by the various differences between herbs, flowers, leaves , stems and roots that we have such a strong draw to drink these in hot water???

We have ben given a great pallet that can enjoy all the different flavors of nature.

Not all that we may be drinking is tea however! Tea is categorized as Black, White, Green and Roobious !

Parts of the herbal plants like leaves and flowers are actually called Herbal Infusions not Tea, and Hard parts of herbal plants such as stems,barks and roots are called Herbal Decoctions not Tea!

What is an Herbal Infusion or an Herbal Decoction??? In all reality it is a method used to prepare these. Now when you make traditional tea you are using the method of infusion!!!

An Herbal infusion is prepared by heating your water then adding the herbs to steep for the desired length of time. Always cover your tea cup while steeping to get the benefits of all the essentials to stay in your cup and not evaporate in the air… Once it is steeped then strain off the herbs and enjoy !

An Herbal decoction is prepared when you actually put the plant parts in the pot and keep it on simmer on the stove or over a heat source.  The amount of time you leave these herbs on simmer will depend on how long your recipe calls for. I usually leave them simmer for 5-12 minutes. covered!!! I can not express to you all the importance in covering your teas,herbal infusions or decoctions! Strain and enjoy.

So i am also asked what my take is on using sweeteners.  Well everyone has their own likes and dislikes! Personally I use Raw Honey or a very small amount of Raw Sugar…

I do however wait until my tea,infusion or decoction is cooled slightly as I do not want to put Raw Honey that has so many benefits into a cup of very hot water.. I want the honey to retain all of its health benefits!!!

Have you ever been invited to a Tea Party or Tea Tasting? We will be releasing the information for our Very First ever Tea Social Tasting very soon!!!! You will be able to experience up to 5 Different Loose Leaf Teas or Herbal Infusions as well as enjoy traditional Tea Foods like Tea Sandwiches , Scones and Tea Cookies! (all Vegan of course)!!

Stay Tunedth

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