First ever CSA share pickup was a huge success

Summer breeze all…

Today was our first ever CSA pick up at Breathless Beauty Vegan Organic and. Natural Market!!!! We had such a great success with Ebb and Flow Farm from Lakewood PA. Sustainable and organic practices are a must. So we will have shares for all every two weeks for just $30.00. This week we had Kale, arugula , salad mix,Swiss chard, garlic,carrots, turnips,tomato, string beans and cucumbers!!!! What a special day this was… RSVP your share for next delivery today .

Check out some pics if you missed it.
See you all next delivery.







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What we did for Summer Fun tonight!

Well we are not just all about work and no play! Well at least we try not to be about all work and no play!

Tonight we got a call from Marcia our friend fellow baker and neighbor about going Tadpole Hunting…. Well I have to say I was yucked out but the girls were super excited! So on our little drive over to a pool filled with tadpoles and frogs we went Muck hunting! We found tadoles frogs and salamaders and Marcia’s Daughter Laura saw a Copperhead snake and she moved it away….

What an adventure it was. Now we have baby tadpole that we will care for and watch grow outside:)

Here is what they look like!



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By Special. Request New Smoothie Pop is almost ready.

Summer breeze my friends !!!

Today we had a special request do make a new Smoothie Pop!!!

We had to really think about this one as we needed to make sure that you can taste undoubtably that the fruit is the fruit. Lol.
Not sure if that made sense in writing as much as it does in thought ;).

So what do you think of Papaya, cinnamon, dates, coconut and almond milk , vanilla and lots of love!!! Well and a secret ingredient( won’t let that out yet sorry)!

But we will give you a glance at the process.



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All we can say is WOW and Thank You All

Summer love and sorry for another post back to back but we just had to write this to you all….

We normally don’t really check out our stats and such but we just did and we have over 14,000 hits on this little blog. WOW WOW WOW AND THANK YOU ALL.

We can not express to each and everyone of you our love and humble thanks for viewing our blog , liking our posts and commenting too… You guys are what keep us going so strong

We are a very small humble business in our Little. Milford Town!!!!

From all of us at. Breathless Beauty we thank you!!!! Hugs to each and everyone !!!


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Will you please join us Sunday???

Hey there all. I really hope your enjoying this summer!!! We are enjoying it with the girls and taking a couple of days off here and there.

Now this Sunday we will be at the one and only Milford First Ever Fiber. Artisan. Festival…
So customers near and far come on over to Snyder Quality Llama Farms on Llama Lane in Milford PA!

It’s a great Open. Farm Day with tons of Vendors. We will be making you all some really delicious. Juices and Smoothies. We hope you join us as this is the only event we will be doing this year in Milford!!!!!


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CSA share is coming this week, Please RSVP YOUR SHARE

Hello vegetable enthusiast !
This is Jocelyn from Ebb & Flow Farm.
We will be delivering farm fresh veggie to Breathless Beauty this coming Sat July 26th at noon. Please email us back if you would
like a share to purchase for $30.

The list of vegetables that will be in your share is: Lettuce mix $5 double washed & dried, Kale $3, Cucumbers $2, Green beans $5, Radishes $2, Swiss Chard $3, Baby Carrots $3, Tomatoes $2, Garlic 5 bulbs for $5, Garlic scapes $2 and hopefully fresh Arugula as a bonus.
You will find in each bunch of greens you receive much more then you get at any store. Normal bunches of greens are a total of 4-5 leaves and we give you double the amount. So your share box/bag will be very full at the value of $35 for $30. Sorry we cannot customize your share.
Please email us back to let us know you will be at Breathless Beauty at noon on Saturday the 26th to pick up your share.

Please no pre payments. Cash only !!

Thank you for supporting local business and small farms like us.
~~ Many blessings from our farm crew~~
~~~ Forrest, Jocelyn, Alec & Baby Jasmine ~~
For more information like Ebb & Flow Farm on facebook~
~ Also Ebb & Flow Creations funds our farm project~~

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Ice Cold Healthy Treats Now Ready!!!!

Summer Loving!


While its summer we know it gets hot, humid, sticky and sometimes unbearable. So Lizzy has come up with the great idea of making Smoothie Pops! The girls are so creative with this new venture!! Come see Lizzy and Lalibella at the store for your smoothie pop!!!   They are so dleiciously healthy and creamy!  You bite into one and have instant cool healthy bliss!  This week we have amazing flavors such as:

AVO- A healthy blend of avocado,bannana, blueberry and Moringa Powder!!

Summer Melon- Watermelon with a hint of Almond Milk

Aunt Marie’s Apple- Apples, Rice Milk and a blend of Cinnamon and Strawberries

Choco Nutty Nana- Raw Cocoa Powder, Cacoa Nibs, Bannana, Peanut Butter, and Rice Milk


Here is a Sneak Peek at the AVO Pop




Come grab a Smoothie POP!!!!

Support the Girls New Venture!

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