Upcoming Mama’s Earth Circle!

Warm Evening Greetings,

As the children are back in school and lives are busy again we as Mama’s sometimes do not get a chance to do much with the little ones that really count! We are busy cooking,cleaning,working,loving, shopping etc! Yet where is room for networking, friendship,crafts, earth loving and everything else we can think of!

So Here in The Milford PA mountains I am putting together this wonderful group that is able to do all kinds of things together with mama’s and their children!

It is a must to help us keep our sanity and continue t grow and make connections!

My intentions for this group is to create,learn,enjoy mother earth, vent and play with our children and others too!

I am an artisan that creates jewelry,crochet and knit items, sews, makes paper from scratch, creates bath n beauty products, bakes,and the newest to my list is herbal products and wellbeing of life!

We will be able to enjoy classes with our little or bigger children once per month at a location yet to be decided! As the winter is quickly  approaching we can do some of these things around a warm fire!

Please keep reading the blog and looking in your in boxes for more on this great circle of mama’s!

Peace and blessing be with all

Mama DMarie n Lalibella enjoying each other!

Sudsy Eve,



About BreathlessBeauty

I am a artisan by true meaning. I put all my creative energy into everything I do. My eye for detail puts all my creations on a level by th
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