Rainy Weather Sick Babe and So Much To Do!

Wet Rainy Day Greetings,

It’s that time of year where the weather starts to change and so does our bodies! The Lil Lalibella is not well and she has been back and forth from hospital to Doctor and a final diagnosis was made that it was a virus!

So Mama is not getting much rest and is stressed and exhausted but the day must go on. Well also I must say that the medical prescriptions and advise did not do anything but mask her fever and make things worse. With the gracious help of a herbalist I made a special herbal syrup at home and what do you know, her fever is gone, she is eating again (although its only a little) and she is looking better! Wow Medical versus natural and this episode proved that natural ruled!

I have put together some herbs too for a tea and she has been drinking that throughout the day.  With all this going on I feel like I am coming down with something but and fighting it off with my own concoctions!

Warming Autumn Tea Blend

Now Raised Bedz-Grass Root X-tracts had some sales lately and we are getting great reviews! I am excited! I have to take pictures of other products I made and have ready along with a line of Special knit,crochet and sewn items that are in the works for Simple Vibes! Like I said so so  much to do!

I recently made a purchase of some herbal salves from Wise Woman Herbals- http://www.wisewomanherbals.etsy.com

The salves are amazing and i really like them as they are unscented! Sometimes I do not like the smell of some essential oils mixed in with salves so when I received the 4 I purchased the first thing I did was smell them and to my surprise they were unscented!!! I am very happy and recommend that you visit her Etsy shop and make some purchases. The prices are very reasonable and I even received some free tea samples along with directions and important information about everything and a lovely thank you card! Go Check her out!!!

Well now Lalibella is trying to fall asleep but is a bit fussy so off I go to make her feel comfortable.

herbal Remedies AWAY



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2 Responses to Rainy Weather Sick Babe and So Much To Do!

  1. Maria says:

    Great post!! and always believe in mama’s intuition to heal her babes! Both natural and medical have their place!

  2. Many Thanks! Yes and the help of that herbalist who guided me through the syrup helped us a great deal to get that lil one better!!!! Hey wait that was you! lol
    Thanks for reading and commenting!

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