Warming up from the inside out with Herbal Tea!

Chilly Evening Blessings!

Well I know now that fall is here or sometimes well it feels like winter up here in the mountains! Each morning lately getting out from under the warm blankets is a very hard thing to accomplish! The one mind easing thing is that I am going to make me and the girls a nice warm cup of tea. Nothing warms me better than tea! I drink it all day long and have taught little Lalibella to make it with me (minus the hot water part). She opens the tea package, pulls out the tea bag, adds it to my cup, helps with cream and sugar/honey/agave if needed and puts a spoon in my cup! yes I am training her from now to make tea and drink it to as Tea does a body good! She was very sick for almost 2 weeks recently and my herbalist friend told me to get going on making her an herbal tea to boost her immune system so that’s what I did along with making a great herbal syrup for her to intake. Let me just clarify that 2 days of herbal stuff versus 2 weeks of medication! Would you like to guess who won? The herbal home-made remedies of course!

Apple Cinnamon Herbal Tea - Raisedbedz.etsy.com

I enjoy my chai tea first thing in the morning! Then a Vitamin Tea, a mint tea,more decaf chai, then some elderberry and Echinacea tea, then some chamomile tea to ease the evening!

Raised Bedz has a new Autumn Warming tea  and an apple cinnamon tea too with roses and chamomile herbs! Check it out at http://www.raisedbedz.etsy.com

Now do not forget to keep your skin moisturized during this weather as you can dry out really easily! Try an herbal salve or Shea souffle!

Here is a great list of yummy teas that I love!!

Vanilla CHai, Chamomile n Lemon, Peppermint, Gentle High Vitamin Tea – Rising up at dawn tea- Baby Heal- Goddess Tea( Those are available at Voitalmothermoon.com), Autumn Warming Tea, Apple Cinnamon tea ( available at raisedbedz.etsy.com) and Elder Echinacea!

Pressed Tea Bags!

Until we meet again-

Sudsing Away!



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