Growing with The Earth

Blessed Early Eve to all.

As I have been growing my garden in the ground and not in pots as I did while I lived in Brooklyn I have learned so much and have enjoyed sitting with nature. There is such a warm feeling in talking to your plants and asking them to be harvested as to show the love and respect! My garden is almost gone as the cool temperatures have ceased their growth except for some of my tomatoes. All my basil, rosemary and mint have been harvested and are almost dried to be jarred and stored. My tomatoes are surviving and I am getting ready to plant my garlic as it needs to be planted in late fall so it will be ready for next year! I am going to be getting some mulch to cover my garden area and am hoping that next spring I will have a much larger area and I will be focusing on growing an amazing herb garden! My plans are to have raised beds this time and I have so much space in the front of the house to get this accomplished!

Learning and loving the Earth is something I cannot explain as the feeling of watching your seedlings turn into a full plant flowering and fruiting is beyond words! I always wanted a large garden and have always planted in pots! I never experienced the little critters that eat your leaves and plants, the wild turkeys that fly into your chicken wired fence or the herd of deer that surround your circular garden trying to figure a way in. We have strawberries this year and the squirrels and chipmunks just loved to eat them I think we were able to taste about a handful of them. The blueberry bush was the same situation! I learned that if you put open bowls of beer in the garden the slugs like it and fall in the bowl instead of eating your plants! They had to have a jolly old time in the beer bowls!

We really enjoyed our herbs and tomatoes as they were so wonderful and tasty!

Next year though it’s a whole new ball game and I am very excited as Lalibella is mobile and learning so much she just does not enjoy getting her hands dirty at all! Now Lizzy on the other hand which by the way has turned 9 years old, love to garden and plant, she planted from seeds Calendula for me and it just grew oh so beautifully! I had an abundance this summer!

So with all the greatness coming from my hand and the earth I feel blessed to be able to grow things and bond with Mother Earth! Now onto my Herbal products as I am learning the Art of Herbs! Another Blessing from the Earth!

Also as Lizzy is now in Girl Scouts she will be getting some outdoor badges in November at a special badge workshop!

Lalibella is now putting 2-3 word sentences together and her very favorite thing to say is ABA (meaning father) Did it! Even when Aba is not here she says that all day long! Just have to love children!

Well Production today was good. A wonderful batch of shampoo bars with a new scent for the Autumn Season!


Carrot Puree I made this afternoon for the Shampoo Bars



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