Oh So Dry Skin

Early Afternoon Warmth!

As the weather gets cooler and cooler dry skin gets drier and drier!

Our 9 year old suffers from ezcema and the cool weather is the worst for her. I do several things to ease the itching and discomfort she suffers. Even the now 1 and 1/2 year old gets dry!

Normally I myself do not moisturized with the exception of a couple of areas here and there but as I age (gracefully of course) I need to moisturize more areas than normal!

I have grown to know and love a couple of herbs and natural rememdies to help out this dry skin dilmea for bboth myself and my lil ones.


Variety of Salves From Raised Bedz-Grass Root X-tracts


Very calming and soothing herbs: Calendula ( number one in my book), lavender, and chamomile is just all my favorites to add to the lil ones bath water or even my own!

I also grind up oatmeal (organic ) and put it in a cloth sachet as it is very calming to the skin!!! And it will not leave a mess in the tub becasue it is in the cloth sachet!

I a m not fond of using oils in the bathtub! Who wants to scrub the tub after getting all relaxed and clean lol!!!

Now on to the moisturizing treatments after your all soft and clean!

Breathless Beauty’s Shea Souffle! http://www.breathlessbeauty,net

Raised Bedz- Grass Root X-tracts Light Herbal Oil –  www,raisedbedz.etsy.com

Rasied Bedz-Grass Root X-traxts Wonder Balm-  www.raisedbedz.etsy.com

Now  I must not be partial and only include my items right! So here are some other sites that I know and have tried and tested and vouch for!

http://www.vitalmoon.etsy.com   http://www.vitalmothermoon.com   http://www.wisewomanherbals.etsy.com   http://www.good4you.etsy.com

You will not be dissapointed with any of the above shops and products! They all have wonderful souffles,balms, and salves for your dry weathered skin!

If you try any of them please leave a comment on this post!

Sudsing Off into the Crockpot!



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