Snow,Confusion and What to do Today

Snowy Greetings yet again from the mountains of PA!

As yesterday hit below 16 degrees here and the school district called a two-hour delay because it was too cold, today it’s snowing and has been since last night and the school is operating on a regular schedule!!!

Now I want Lizzy to go to school as many days as she can. I can not understand why the school would delay for cold weather and not for snow as the roads are a slippery mess! I thought I was going crazy this morning and maybe missed the phone call that the school gives us at around 4:30 am. So I double checked and called the emergency hotline and low and behold it said ” We are operating on a normal school schedule with no delays or closings” . The roads are slippery and the school should give PennDott a chance to clear them up before sending these school buses out with children on them. I am a parent and better yet I am a MAMA and if I feel it’s too slippery for me to drive then I can not imagine the buses on the road!

So with the snow falling I wonder what shall me and Lali do today! Well with the cold comes wanting to bake away the chilly! Maybe some yummy homemade perogies or some yummy crusckiki! The possibilities are endless!

I also joined and ATC swap and I am making one with lots of sparkles and glitter! This will be my first ATC trade!!!! Yippee! That will get started today too! I want it to be extra special too so I have chosen the cutest shiny things to add-on it!

I have to say that lalibella has been making huge strides with her speech! She talks so fast and tries so hard to get everything out so quickly because she has so much to say!!! She is going on 21 months now and I can not believe it! Soon she will be 2!!!!! Wow. I am hoping that the snow does not hinder playgroup as we have not been able to go with the weather so crazy! She needs to play with her little friend Mackenzie and MAMA needs some other MAMA talk time too!

Well I need another cup of tea so i will be closing this scribe!





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  1. Just stopping by from SB and wanted to say, wow, I LOVE your layout and that header graphic looks absolutely heavenly.

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