Lovely Blogs That I am Now Following!

Greetings all!


We have had a mild 3 days here in the mountains thank goodness. We here that the little groundhog says that we will have spring coming soon! Well I can only hope so!

Anyway, I have been on a great site called Swap-bot and we swap and majority of great things and for this particular swap I have to support 2 fellow swappers blogs! I am lucky because their blogs are really great!!!

Here is my first blog:    It is truly a great blog and the name is so lovely! She also is a fellow Etsy Seller so go check out her blog and Etsy Shop!!!

Here is my second Blog:  This blog is very interesting and different! Loads of cool stuff here!  So go check it out too!!!!


Well I am preparing to start my garden seeds indoors with an indoor mini greenhouse this year! I have to say I am very excited about this project and can not to wait to get it going! When we put up the greenhouse and start the seeds we will have tons of pictures to post!!! Along with weekly progress reports and pictures too!

Well off to get some dinner on the table then off to have a great read!




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2 Responses to Lovely Blogs That I am Now Following!

  1. Ann says:

    Thanks for mentioning my blog in this posting! I too, want to start some seeds indoors to get a jump start on the growing season. I’ve done cold boxes outside as well which was a nice way to get some herbs and vegetables a bit earlier than usual.

  2. I am starting them indoors for the first time this year and am so excited to do so. I am even going to try to grown some string beans and lettuce this year along with my herbs! I will have pics up real soon once we put up the greenhouse in my office!

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