Planting Fever

Good Evening to All

I have to say that with the weather playing warm for a little while I am getting antsy! I want to plant!!! So I calling it a case of planting fever!

So here is my wish List for the seed starting and planting season soon to come!

Basil ( a couple of varieties), Sage , Rosemary, Stevia( first time trying this), A couple of different Mint variety, Catnip,Chamomile, Calendula,Lavender ( going to try this again) Goldenrod ( first time) And some other herbs ( this list is not final yet).

As far as vegetables, I already have garlic and onions in the ground all covered with mulch, leaves and snow they were planted in fall, Tomatoes ( I had greatness from this veggie last year), peppers all kinds ( they were abundant too last year), Chives ( new to me), peas ( new) asparagus ( tried last year and they were tiny so going to try again), lettuce ( new to me this time around), and some other stuff I have not decided on yet!

Now the sweet stuff YUMMY- Strawberries ( had them last year they were small but sweet), Blueberries ( worked well until the animals ate them all) and maybe some other berry varieties!

So I have drawn out my garden plan and most will go in raised bedz and some will go up in large pots on my deck upstairs away from all the four-legged animals!

Now the greenhouse is still yet to be built! I am having my lovely older children up so maybe I will give them that project to start for me and get it done already!

I have had the stitches removed from my finger but I have to still be quite careful not to injure the tendon by over working it so I have to keep a little bandage on it but today i have the go ahead to leave the splint off as long as I do not have too much pain while bending and flexing it! Hooray! 4 weeks of not moving it or getting it wet was more than enough for me!

Well I am off to do some lessons and homework for my herbalist studies now so be well all!

Until the new day!

Calendula from Last year that I dried!



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