New Things!!

Good Warm Evening!

The weather has not been too cold and the greenhouse is up and Liz and Lali have planted seeds for tomatoes and for watermelon! Mama planted Echinacea bulbs!! This week we are starting other seeds and we are having a blast planting!!! There is no longer enough time in the day for me to sit and get everything done!

Our new line for Mama’s N Babies has started and we have a couple of lovely products going on to our Etsy store this week! We made a wonderful Sleepy Time Baby Oil, Natural and Soft Baby Powder, Oh So Soft Baby Salve, Mama Belly Massage Oil, and Herbal Tea for Heart Burn!  Other items are coming really soon.

Help For Heartburn Tea

I have been backed up with school work and have to send it some lessons and homework so that has had me busy these couple of days! Tinctures are being made! So far Only one is ready and that is my Yarrow tincture! It has soaked for 4 Months! It will be a good potent one! Below is some info on yarrow!

Yarrow tincture: Counters all bacteria internally and externally, repels insects.

Relieves minor pains
Prevents infection
Stops bleeding of skin wounds
Promotes healing of skin wounds

Yarrow is an antiseptic, astringent, blood purifier, diaphoretic, diuretic, and stimulant. YARROW (Achillea millefolium) Yarrow is well-known for its use as a remedy for cold/flu/fever. It is best to use Yarrow as a hot tea during the first stages of sickness, especially in combination with Elder, Catnip and Mint. It is tonifying and anti-inflammatory to the skin and mucus membranes of the stomach and bowels; thus, helpful for varicose veins, gastroenteritis, dysentery, and diarrhea. As a hemostatic, Yarrow helps to stop bleeding of stomach ulcers, hemorrhoids, and for nosebleeds (especially those due to allergies). Yarrow is an ally for women as it helps to tone the uterus and promote balance in their menstrual flow. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to relieve the dull, achy menstrual pains; it also helps with postpartum bleeding and abnormal flows by acting as a hemostatic.

Like all diaphoretics, Yarrow increases blood flow to the skin and lowers blood pressure in the process. Other internal uses may include: to help clear blood clots; rheumatism; lung congestion; chronic cystitis and urethritis; mucus discharge of the bladder; nephritis (Bright’s disease); smallpox; chicken pox; glandular imbalances; and diabetes. Due to its high level of tannins, Yarrow is also an excellent wound healer. External uses include: Athlete’s Foot; wounds; muscle and joint pain and inflammation; bleeding; toothaches and gum infections (chewing the root).

So I also joined Tradaholics Etsy Team! Yummy I love to trade products to get cool stuff! I am excited about this as you get the equal value of your goods for someone elses creation! All while not really spending anything but shipping, however its a trade-off as they ship their stuff to you too!

Now I am also doing swap bot and its addicting really! I love getting stuff in my  mailbox almost everyday! I have done tons of tea swaps and have received tea from all over the world! Yummy..

We just completed a chocolate swap and I send some chocolates all the way to United Kingdom! I send knitting needles to South Africa and so on!

Its fun to do and now I have two places to swap and trade! Yippe for MAMA.

So now off to get the kiddies some dinner and relax before bath time and rest time for them! Then well i am off to get some assignments emailed to my professor! Herbalism here I come Tonight!

Peace and many blessings tonight and every night!

Sudsing Off



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