Greenhouse Updates

Its snowing and raining here on this April 1st! That’s kinda depressing but pretty outside! The roads are to warm to have the snow stick but the grass and trees have snow all over them which is always a postcard picture perfect kind of thing! School was not delayed so that says well it is not that bad!

Our greenhouse is fully stocked up! I had to purchase a second grow light as I realized that the one grow light was not enough to get to the bottom shelves! It was a blessing as it was on sale too!

So this is the list of what is happening in our greenhouse!!!

Herb List: Echinacea bulbs,spearmint,catnip,borage,two kinds of basil,rosemary,thyme,caraway,parsley,dill,lemon balm,calendula,lavender,fennel,anise,stevia and chamomile!

Veggie List:Tomatoes,garden beans,peas,onions(they were planted last year),lettuce,peppers

So it looks like we will be definitely moving and shaking this summer with plenty of things from our garden!

I am itching to make a good pesto ( my new favorite thing) Well besides my Coconut butter by Aristana!!!!

I will be experimenting with some kale this week as My lovely Aunt found a recipe to make Kale Chips!!!! Yummy Yummy in our tummys!!!

I took some pictures of the greenhouse with my phone but they are too blurry to post so I have to wait for the real camera to come home to get some good shots and will post the pictures as soon as I can!

We have had a wonderful variety of birds visiting us too! Our cardinals are back as our woodpeckers! The woodpeckers have chosen a new tree to peck at and it sounds so close but there are so many trees here we are having trouble finding the woodpecker and his new tree!

Well off I am as the girls need dinner and My Brother is coming up so I have to tidy up a bit more downstairs!

Mama’s work is never done!



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