A Father

Sunny Greetings to all,

Almost a year ago I lost my father at a young age of 57 years of age. While this was very sudden and tragic it was the Almighty’s will for him to transcend to the next bigger picture. My dad now has the huge job of watching, guiding and protecting us from afar.

The role of a father is Not an easy one. Many times it can be confusing and frustrating yet know that all roles in life are tough. Whether there is distance or differences fathers can do so much to be a constant presence in a child’s life!
With technology today we have so many means of communication, hence why distance is never a problem for being that great dad to your children!
Children are such a special gift to us and fathers have so much to look forward to as they bear fruits to this world. Your children will look up to you, want to be just like you and will love you beyond words can describe.
This society is wrapped up in material things and while monetary support is important it is not by far the most important! Dads being there for their children is what will matter more than anything else
While my Dad had his ups and downs he still piled a whole basketball team in his Cadillac and drove us to all of our basketball games, took us camping and fishing and did things that he knew mattered to us!
As parents we need to love unconditionally and show our children support, guidance, trust and love!
This day by far is not the only day for fathers
Everyday I encourage you all to praise, cherish and celebrate your father! Once the physical presence of a person is gone your heart will never be the same. Never wait until it’s too late to express your love to your father and for fathers to express their love to the children.
I am thankful to have such a special man in my life that helps me get through these hard days and to know that our love for our children supersedes everything else.
Nick you are a great man and the best Father to our children.
Thank you!



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