Summer Lovin almost Coming to an END

Warm and raining greetings today!

The summer is flying by so very fast! We did have some really good times this July though! The girls were able to go to Costa family park and Crayola Factory, With special thanks to my aunt for taking them and me :). We had so much fun at the crayola Factory and can not wait to go again and hopefully this time we can go with My Uncle and Mr. D. If time permits of course! My Earthstrong was the best as it was a hard time for me with the 1 year of my Dad’s passing but as always Mr. D pulled up his sleeves and made it great! Special thanks to Dee, Lul, Lakshmi and Haima for coming out to dinner and the wonderful cake and gifts!!!

Breathless Beauty is gaining more locals which is great and  the Vegan Pampered Chef show is scheduled for August 20th !! Come check it out if your intown…

There was an article in the Senior Health Guide Last week with your truly as the writer on Senior Health and oh yes some Herb info too!!! Next week I will have another article in the paper about children’s Health and back to school!!!!!! So get the Dispatch and read all about it. For anyone who comes into Breathless Beauty and mentions what they read I will give them 10% off and a free gift!! Can not beat that!

Now we will be gearing up for the children going back to school so I can not emphasis that adequate rest and proper eating along with some daily running around is a total must! A schedule for the children starting at least a week before school helps them get back into the routine of things!

Lizzy will be going back on a schedule as of This week as will Lalibella. Although Lalibella is only having to rise earlier and sleep earlier. Lalibella is now reading 12-18 books before she goes to rest and boy that makes me sleepy!!!!

I really have to sleep train Lali so we are working with the NO Cry Sleep Solution and starting this tonight. I usually rock her but now that she is bigger that gets difficult and heavy. That book is a great alternative to crying it out. I do not know about other parents but I just can not do it. I did try to it made me feel horrible inside!

Updates on Black Walnuts- Yippee all dried out and I got a coffee grinder to start grinding them up. That will be done tomorrow at the store as will be a new Autumn Soap and a Wheat Germ Soap. This fall we will also have lots of great tams for women , men and children and some really cool scarves!!

Lots to be done to prepare for the Fall especially the herb Harvesting. We are so excited. Actually I am looking forward to apple picking with the girls and my Aunt.. I love to make the fresh Apple tea and Apple Pies and of course once its gets too chilly the very very cozy fireplace!

I am too excited!!!!! Below are some pics of the girls at the crayola factory and some other stuff too!

Crayola Factory Time Out for MAMA

Lali N Lizzy with Big Red


Sudsing away,Black Walnut Marble Soap

Black walnuts hulled and drying!

Dawn Marie


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