Special Thanks

Cool Eve Greetings!


Well we have to say that our Vegan pampered Chef Show was great! A very special thanks to all who came out to support us and to Stacia for graciously doing a great presentation!

Breathless Beauty

We watched Stacia put together a Vegan pineapple Salsa. We had laughs food, lemonade and goodies! We have the next one scheduled for December 3, 2011!!!

Our First end of Summer Breathless Beauty BBQ was a great success. We enjoyed having everyone at our home on Sunday! The girls are loving their new-found Aunties and Uncles!

Elder Berry Syrup will be in the works soon so we are taking orders for the beginning of October. We will continuously make it throughout the winter months. We also have Yarrow tincture for fever ready for the cold season ! There are 3 new salves debuting the end of September!  All Healed Salve, Specialty Drawing Salve & Mama Oh Mama Belly Salve!

The No More Ouchy Salve will be available soon again it is almost ready! The Herbal Chest Rub is fully in stock and ready for the cold season too!

We have made 3 new and exciting teas today that are now ready. These teas will be made to order! Check them out at http://www.raisedbedz.etsy.com

Breathless Beauty is now carrying a wider variety of Vital Mother Moon products and Herbs! Vital Mother Moon specializes in healthy woman and children herbal goodies as well as herbs that are grown right on their Organic Farm in Pittsburgh PA! Local grown goodness for us here in Milford. Vegan Nipple Cream, Baby Bottom Butter,Teas, scrubs to come too! These items are available at the store only not on our etsy or Breathless Beauty Site!

Our gift sets are going to be available soon too as the holiday season is fast approaching! We will be ready to also book your private shopping days and hours that start in November.

Since school is starting on Monday the store will close daily from 3:15-4:10 pm to pick up Lizzy from School. The fall hours will be taking effect in Mid October.

The new fall/winter hours will be Monday, Wed, Thursday 10am -5pm Friday 11am-7pm Saturday& Sunday 12pm-7:30pm

Call or email us if you have any questions, comments, ect!

Sudsing off

Dawn Marie



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I am a artisan by true meaning. I put all my creative energy into everything I do. My eye for detail puts all my creations on a level by th
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