Autumn News


Well today is the first day of Autumn! The weather has been in this mindset since a couple of weeks ago. Summer has come and gone so very quickly!

Breathless Beauty wants to let you know whats happening with us and the Sept/Oct. Newsletter will be emailed tomorrow and also hand delivered to some local business’s this Friday as I hit the town with newsletters in hand while Lali is in school.

Please stop by to see what is on the drying rack and also to see the new Raised Bedz Teas , Tinctures, Syrups,and Salves that are hitting the shelves this week.

I am playing with a very nice lip salves for those suffering from cold sores, The Easy Draw Salve is done!!! Yippee so come on down and check it out. Our Soft Comfort Salve is also on the shelves. New on the herbal oil infusions are Rose and Patchouli &  A Lemon Balm Mixture. I will keep them in the jar for a while and let everyone know when they are ready to be made into salves and what they are geared for. Herbal Chest Rub is going on the shelf tomorrow. I found a local farm here in town that has brought us some beeswax. I can say that all I wanted to do was eat it up!!! The aroma of pure honey made my mouth water! Looks like we will now be getting our beeswax from them.

Breathless Beauty will be hosting a great Herbal Medicine Workshop in November.  Our next Vegan Pampered Chef Show will be in December. Papermaking classes will start in January. All details will be sent soon.

We will be having ” An Evening With Breathless” in December also, look out for your exclusive invitation that will be sent to your email inbox or mailed to your home.

Local Garden Space Hunting: I am looking to either rent a space for a herb farm or possibly barter with someone who already has space either on their property or someone who already has a farm. There are two prospects on the table now but we are keeping our options open, if you have any leads please send them to me.

The Herb farm will have an awesome array of herbs and we look forward to getting the space going in late winter for preparation. I will start seedlings in the mini greenhouse to then be transplanted to the grounds. We will build raised beds for them as well as fencing too.

The website is now at a different host so it is being updated everyday!

There is much much more happening so we will keep you posted.

A Very Special Early Wish For Negus as he turn 2 on Monday! Happy Earthstrong!!!

Lizzy & Lali

Sudsing Off

Dawn Marie


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I am a artisan by true meaning. I put all my creative energy into everything I do. My eye for detail puts all my creations on a level by th
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