Chilly Weather & A Warm Fire

Chilly Eve!

The weather has gotten quiet chilly up here in the hills! These are the times when a warm fire, a balnkie, a good book and of course a cup of tea come to mind!!! Did I forget to mention the rocking chair! It is that time of year again to take in the beauty of the fireplace lit up , smelling the burning wood and how can I leave out listen to the crackiling of that oh so beautiful and warm fire!!! Brings back memories of the days I use to not want to go back to Brooklyn when I was little. I always loved the country time in this town. The love of the Earth and the thoughts of running around without worring and playing with rocks in the driveway or swinging on the hammock looking up at the blue sky!!! Now I have my childhood back every day that I wake up! I enjoy it up in these hills more than anyone can imagine!

Ok OK Breathless Beauty news!!!

New items have been made and are ready on!On the shelves of Breathless Beauty you can now find:

Patchouli N Rose Soap and Salve!  Healing Salve,  a New Batch of  No More Ouchy Salve, Lemon Swirly Soap, and New Batch of Uprising and Sweetness Soap TOO!!!

The New Teas are: Childrens Cold Comfort Tea, Yeast Relief Tea and Appetite Boost Tea!!!

Many of the herbs in these teas were grown right in our little garden!!!

We harvested the last of our potatoes and moved out lavender,rosemary and sage from the window boxes to the Mini Greenhouse too try and keep them beautiful for the winter!

We also added new plants to the store!, Geraniums,flowering cactus,and a crown of thorns! We have all these beautiful plants that surround us each day!!!

Yesterday we went to a Harvest Hoe Down at Lizzys school the girls had such a great time. It is so so awesome and fufilling to see the children have such a joyful time.

Well here is a look at The joy we have!

Next Angle!

Breathless Beauty's Creations!

Liz N Lali at the Harvest Hoe Down


About BreathlessBeauty

I am a artisan by true meaning. I put all my creative energy into everything I do. My eye for detail puts all my creations on a level by th
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