Herbal News Goodies

Many Seasons Greeting to All.

As the Holidays are passing us swiftly so is time! I am sitting here gathering information for our new Mini Herb Farm here in the hills! We are looking for a space to share or even possibly just doing it on our front slope by the house! We are weighing our options and drawing out our plans!!! We are getting massive advise from friends, loyal and new customers and expert gardeners! We personally thank all of you for every piece of advise you are sharing with us! I will be sending out thank you gifts to you all at the end of February!

Now more herb stuff –

We encourage everyone to create an all natural first aid kit!

Dried herbs to have on hand:

Chamomile-Soothes and relieves stress and aides in digestion

Comfrey- ground root and or leaves. use this EXTERNALLY as a poultice for bruises,sprains,strains or bone injuries!

Lemon Balm- Soothe the digestive tract and helps aid relaxation and sleep!

Milky Oats- use the seeds for a yummy tasting tea to relieve stress and anxiety!

Peppermint and Spearmint- Soothe your tummy and freshen your breath!

Sage- This makes a great mouth wash and gargle…

Echinacea Powder- packed in capsules or dissolve in tea! boosts your immune system and speeds recovery from colds and flu!!!

Slippery Elm Powder- Soothes sore throats,scalded mouths,digestive complaints or constipation! add powdered herb to tea or make your very own cough drops!

Powdered Goldenseal Root- make a poultice for infections and abscesses. Do not use more than 2-3 weeks! it can irritate mucous membranes!!!

Cayenne Powder- ONE OF MY FAVORITE HERBS!!!- it is such a warming herb, it stimulates which is great for circulation and the heart, as well as digestion and congestion! I always cook with it! I also add it to my No More Ouchy Salve as it helps with muscle tenderness and pain!. Please use SPARINGLY because of its potent heat!!!

Now those herbs are just a start to the herbal first aid kit!!! And of course Breathless Beauty Carries them all!!!Plus many many more!

Well my herbal buddies that is all for now we will keep posted on new news!!

Sudsing Off!




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