Men’s Monday #2: Our weekly health segment with a focus on the male.

Welcome Dear Breathless Beauty community and family, this is our second edition of  our weekly Monday blog with a direct focus on the male.  In Today’s blog  topic we will discuss  the various problems with ‘The Musculo- Skeletal System begining with ‘Arthritis”.

Problems of the muscular and/or skeletal systems are for most of us simply a fact of life,ranging from simple aches and pains after unaccustomed exercise or effort, to the inevitable wear and tear on our bodies as we get older. In the great majority of cases these problems represent “everything that we don’t die of”,yet their impact on our health,vitality and mobility can be enormous,causing great problems.

Back pain alone is the major cause of time lost from work in most industrialized countries, and the often crippling discomfort of chronic arthritis reduces the quality of life for sufferers by a considerable amount.

While it is true that wear and tear are a part of living,their effects can be lessened and much greater levels of comfort and mobility are possible. It is perhaps a sobering thought that much of our predisposition to problems with skeletal disorders in later life is established in the first few years of childhood; prevention,especially in terms of diet, is an important part of the equation therefore, and very hard to achieve when adult. Changes in lifestyle later on can make differences however,together with some of the suggestions under the section that follows.


Although specialists identify up to 200 divisions of arthritic conditions,it is useful to think of arthritis falling into two catergories: osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Osteoarthritis is the natural wear and tear of the joints that occurs with ageing,as the cartilage surrounding the bones becomes thinner and the surface becomes rougher. This leads to friction and degeneration occurs as the joint gets formed.


The two principles of many natural approaches to arthritis,namely detoxification and improving circulation around the joints,are the main aims of aromatherapy treatment. Essential oils which aid tissue cleaning include Cypress,Juniper and Lemon, and these can be used as bath oils regularly. Juniper also has an anti-inflammatory and mildly analgesic effect; similiar properties are found in Chamomile, Lavender and Rosemary oils. These may all be used either in a bath or dilluted in a base oil and  by being gently massaged into the affected areas. If this is painful or difficult to do,they may be used in a hot compress; try combining any two of the oils for greater effect,varying then by avoiding overuse of any one oil.

To stimulatethe circulation ,use oils such as Black Pepper, Ginger, Marjoram and Rosemary in any of the above ways. As you can see some oils have overlapping effects and can help with relieving arthritic discomfort in many ways.


There are many natural herbs that can be of benefit in treating arthritis; as mentioned above it is useful to think of treatments in terms of detoxifying and stimulating the circulation,thus removing the need for local inflammation,as much as any simply pain relieving action.

Here are a few self-help treatment tips that can be adopted:

Celery seed: In order to remove acidic toxins,make a tea from Celery  Seed which has an alkaline effect on the whole system. Use just 5ml (1 tsp) of the seed,perhaps lightly crushing the seeds with the back of  spoon before making the tea.

Parsley: Another herb which increases elimination ,via the urine is Parsley ; add 5ml (1 tsp) of the chopped fresh herb to the above tea for maximum effect. Two cups of this tea daily fro a week or two can have considerable benefits.

Ginger: To improve circulation you need to look no further than Ginger; chop up a small piece of  fresh ginger and make a tea from it,or add to the mixture above.

For a more anti-inflammatory action, a couple of suggestions are Meadowsweet and Feverfew. An infusion of Meadowsweet may be taken twice daily, while Feverfew may be taken in tablet form. Feverfew leaves can also be chewed and eaten instead: just three leaves a day is a medicinal dose .

For every disease we know, the Almighty has allowed a plant to grow”….


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