Many Wonders This Great Summer!

Afternoon Greetings to all.

We have been hard at work and getting all things prepared for the Festivals,The Store and The Fall.

Our First Arts and Craft Festival will take place this weekend!!!! YIPPEE! Join us Saturday August 4th and Sunday August 5th from 11am-6pm for tons of Crafty goodness! Get your holiday shopping done early! Wonderful Hand Crafted Items will be for sale! A yummy Special Tea Sampling will await you too. Of course SISTER’S LEMON-AIDE WILL BE THERE TOO!!!

The next Festivals are scheduled for September 15th & 16th & our First Annual HARVEST FESTIVAL is October 20th & 21st!!
Now let me expand on the Harvest Festival!!- We are looking at Crafts at their best plus Hot Apple cider Pumpkin picking children’s Game Corner face painting and Much Much More!

We are still looking for vendors for September and October as we have a few spots to fill. If Interested email us at

So with this season came our first ever Blueberry picking trip! The girls loved it, In fact Lalibella’s bucket was always empty although she was picking those blueberries like crazy! Yes you guessed it she was eating them all. We thought they would have to just weigh her and see how much we have to pay per pound that she consumed!!!

We are going to pick blueberries again next week as we are making our Fall Blueberry Preserves and Muffins so if you want some come get your order in soon! We will update you when the preserves are ready!

Apples Apples Apples will be here soon… We look forward each year to have our annual Apple Picking Trip! The older children come in from NYC and we spend the weekend of apple fun! Oh and we get pumpkins to so they can carve them out! Apple cider, Apple Butter and Apple sauce will be on the menu come late September!

Our Breathless Beauty Naturally Hand-Crafted Room has a new look! You guessed it the Creativity in Breathless has done it again! Come stop by to see what Nick has done to transform our space!

Lastly we have been able to start something very very new and exciting. We are a part of an amazing health and wellness company that will change your life! Now I will be having a post specific to this very soon!

In the meantime we hope to see you at our Arts and Crafts Festival!

Sudsing Off


About BreathlessBeauty

I am a artisan by true meaning. I put all my creative energy into everything I do. My eye for detail puts all my creations on a level by th
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