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Early Evening Greetings,

The weather will soon be changing and we are all getting ready for schools to all open!

Liz has started school here already and I have my tinctures ready! Do you?

We are also stressing the importance of Breakfast in the morning and Whole Foods! nourish your body so you can prevent and heal!

While things are not easy with life getting hectic with family,work and home we have great solutions to keep you healthy!

Here at Breathless Beauty Organic, Vegan & Natural Market we have added new services and items for you!

The best in Whole foods Supplements including an amazing probiotic and Mini Laser and Health Coaching!

We introduced Bproactiv briefly to you. 

Bproactiv is the latest and best in  Wellness On the Market! The results are not only pouring in but are truly amazing! I have my own personal experience with them that has helped me get my health back on track. 

Here are a brief description of these amazing products which are Vegan & Gluten Free!!!

More Information can be found at


The body is a self-healing mechanism, and one’s ability to heal is dependent upon cellular health. The basis for health and longevity is found in healthy organs and tissues, and the basis for healthy organs and tissues is found in healthy cells. In fact, science calls cells, “the building blocks of life.” Cells need nutrients, water, and oxygen to function normally. An inadequacy in any of these areas compromises normal cell function.  Mi•Matrix provides a wide spectrum of nutrients to support optimally functioning cells.

Mi•Matrix is a whole food powdered supplement with 22 essential and non-essential amino acids and a balanced ratio of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and fiber.  Mi•Matrix has also been infused energy frequencies that eliminate harmful wave forms and support optimal health.

Our purity promise: Mi•Matrix contains no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), fillers, chemicals, or irradiated ingredients.


Probiotics are important for immune system vitality and nutrient absorption. The word probiotics literally means “for life.” In scientific terms, probiotics are live, healthy bacteria that protect your digestive system from unhealthy bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

The probiotics in Mi•Probiotix are designed to survive the acid bath in your stomach and release in the small intestine. Mi•Probiotix contains FOS (fructo-oligosaccharide). FOS, often called a pre-biotic, is a powerful dietary fiber that promotes the growth of good bacteria and helps to maintain healthy digestive functioning. Pre-biotics act as a food source for probiotics, fostering an environment where these helpful microbes can survive.

Mi•Probiotix contains a proprietary blend of L. Salivarius, L. Plantarum, and FOS to re-establish the intestinal flora required for an optimally functioning digestive system.  Mi•Probiotix has also been infused energy frequencies that eliminate harmful wave forms and support optimal health.

Our purity promise: Mi•Probiotix contains no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), fillers, chemicals, or irradiated ingredients.



Laser technology has long been used in health care around the world. For instance, you may have probably heard of laser eye surgery. The Mi•Laser device has been programmed for the purpose of clearing food and water of contaminants and pesticides, as well as restoring life force energy to biological materials.

Mi•Laser clears the human energy field of toxic debris accumulated from our polluted environment. You might compare it to rebooting or defragging your computer when things begin to slow because of too much useless data. Rebooting or defragging clears the system and efficiency is restored. The Mi•Laser is found to smooth the field, clear, calm, and expand the field, all of which is desirable and constructive.


Now the other exciting news! TAKE SHAPE FOR LIFE 

Health Coach Services now available 6 days a week! Take Shape For Life is an amazing company that we have become apart of to help people Get to the health and wellness goals in life! 

Healthy Body, Healthy mind, Healthy Finances!

Helping people lose weight ,keep the weight off and achieving all the wellness goals.

Offering Meal Plans for Diets like:  Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Teen, Diabetic, Geriatric, Gout & More

More information can be found at  Health Coach ID#755885338

Let us help you by coaching you to health


We will be posting twice per week giving you tips and tricks for the upcoming season and keeping you posted on whats new at Breathless Beauty!


Looking forward to hearing from you all soon!


Sudsing Off



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