Back to School

Many Greetings This Evening!

Well This Monday school has started in our neck of the woods and it was wonderful and heart breaking at the same time! Lizzy has started her journey to 6th Grade!!!! So Mama put her on the bus the first day then cried walking back home! How quickly the children do grow!
Lalibella will enter part-time nursery school next week so I will be sure to pack some more tissues for that one! Well maybe I will just park the car in the parking lot and wait till 11:15 when she gets dismissed!!!

We all have our moments with these precious children of ours!

Protecting them is always are main priority! We always want to know how can we keep them safe from harm and from germs and illnesses. Many people will right away turn to the local pharmacy to help them. Does that really help? Do synthetic medications really help? The majority do more harm then good with all the side effects!
Our kitchen is not only for cooking but it is for healing and prevention!
We can boost our children’s immune system with herbs and healthy eating habits!
Everyone must have breakfast to start their day right!
Sugars are the worst thing we intake! We get on such a high off of sugar then crash on a seriously harmful low!

We should all be taking a whole foods supplement and by saying that I do not mean Centrum or Gummy Vitamins I mean a real supplement such as Mi*Matrix Whole Foods Supplement. Imagine how great it is to take something for your health that has all understandable and simple ingredients!!!

Let us start simple and easy! Eat Healthy, Live Happy, Heal Naturally!
Easier said than done? Not really with the proper guidance and support everyone can be on their way to a great life!

Need Guidance? Contact Breathless Beauty Organic, Vegan & Natural Market today and let us help you get on track!

We offer Free Health Coaching Services with take Shape For Life, Health Food, Gluten Free Options, Vegetarian & Vegan Options, Herbal Wellness, Bproactiv Nutritional Supplements and more: Ask for a free Consultation today!!! Not in Milford? That is okay ,as we can help via the phone, email and web with Skype and Facetime!!! Contact us and lets discuss the ways you can change you and your familys health and life forever!

Until then!
Sudsing Off!
Dawn Marie


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