Here we go again Cold and Flu Season

Rising Love,

Waking up all stuffed up and feeling yucky is not fun!
I have to ask you to please not reach for those synthetic pharmaceuticals just yet though!!!
We can combat so many aliments naturally.
This morning I woke up and my allergies are bothering me again. Yes this time of year!!! Apparently though ever since Hurricane Sandy touched down I have noticed not only within myself but the people around me are having allergy symptoms! Even Nick is sneezing his mornings away!! Now you guys all know I will never unless I am forced to take any medications from the pharmacy..
So everyone is asking what to do!! Well here is what I do as soon as I wake up with my itchy eyes!
1. Get up and rinse your face with cold water, this seems to help calm my irritation.
2. Get out my netti pot and use water and ALKALOL Solution! (not salt)
3. Make a cup of tea with Thyme in it. (thyme is amazing for the sinuses and it breaks up mucus)
4. Drink plenty of liquids throughout the day preferably ALKALINE WATER
5. Sniff some Ground Coffee or Coffee Beans
6. Use an oil diffuser and add peppermint oil preferably Breathless Beauty’s UPRISING BURNING OIL

Now if you have a cold or the flu here is what i suggest you do! (yes I just made a rhyme!)

Make some Garlic Honey with ACV , onion cough syrup, and tinctures of Echinacea and Elderberry and SAGE!!! ( I will add the recipe below)

Used for:Muscle or joint aches, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, infertility and impotence, toothaches, fewer colds and infectious diseases, obesity ( a powerful fat destroyer and weight reducer), ulcers, reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol, reduced risks of breast, blocks agents of cancer of the breast – colon – esophagus – skin – stomach and stimulates the immune system.

Put the following in a blender…

1 cup apple cider vinegar
1 cup raw honey
8 cloves garlic

Mix on high speed for 60 seconds. Pour mixture into a glass container. Seal and leave in the refrigerator for five days. Normal dosage is two tsp. in a glass of water or fruit juice, grape or orange juice is best before breakfast. This will keep on the shelves for a year or more!


1 cup freshly chopped ORGANIC onion

About 1/2 cup raw honey

Plus any of the following (optional):PLEASE USE ORGANIC HERBS!
1 tsp. Cloves powdered
specifically good for pain relief

1-2 Tbsp. Slippery Elm (dried or powdered)-
Slippery Elm has more of a reputation for soothing and coating the throat

1-2 Tbsp. fresh chopped Ginger Root OR 1 tsp.
Ginger increases warmth, circulation (important for healing) and the overall effectiveness of the syrup

**You can include all of these optional herbs, but at a maximum of 2 Tbsp. extra herbs total

Put chopped onions and any herbs of choice into a small stainless steel or glass pot (not aluminium). Add enough honey to cover the onions ( for me, this seemed to be about 1/2 a cup, though I didn’t measure exactly).

Turn the pot on low heat and slowly simmer. The honey will soften and become liquidy, and you want to keep the temperature very low while allowing the herbs to steep in the honey. It’s best to keep a lid on to help keep all of the medicinal properties of the herbs in the syrup, and just take the lid off to give it a quick stir every few minutes to ensure it doesn’t burn at all (though the temp. should be low enough to prevent this).

Give it 20 minutes of simmering, then remove it from the heat. Strain the onions and herbs out and store the remaining honey (which might have flecks of herb in it and this is fine) in a small glass jar with a lid and keep it in the fridge.

The syrup can be used as often as needed, up to every half hour.

1 tsp. for a younger child

1 Tbsp. for anyone 10 years and older


There are so many recipes for tinctures all over the internet

here are the links for you to make your own!

Sage Tincture:

Elderberry Tincture:

Echinacea Tincture:

Have a great Day and as always…….
Sudsing Off
Dawn Marie


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