Seasons Greetings to ALL

Eve Greeting to you all.

We are embarking on yet another year with love,light,friendship and business!
Grateful for each and every single thing. We are able to bring you good news, herbal love and much more through this wordpress blog medium.

As normally we give you the whats new with Breathless Beauty or some herbal goodness but in this post I wanted to just keep it simple and full of love not of business… I will keep the next post about whats going on in the Breathless Beauty World.

Many are so caught up in the day and night, going and coming, working, running around and just plain craziness that we forget to stop and just smile.
We have witnessed tragedies of great pain and we have all been affected in one way or the other. These experiences are supposed to teach us how to give more and love more but do they?
Seems that they only do for a few short days then we are back to what we call is the norm.
Why can’t we step out of the norm and just do things we know we always say we should have or could have?

Our children need love and affection. We need to nurture them at every age from baby to adult. If we can show them that we took a moment to love and smile they will follow.

I always ask people how many times have you smiled at a stranger or held the door open for them? The answer normally is ummmmmmmmm . It should be Oh That is done each day. If we did this we could make the stranger feel warm inside! Then we can hope that stranger passes along the kindness you just showed them.

We work very very hard each day to make sure our children will never have to suffer and want anything they can not have. We also work very very hard to give them the love and attention they need. I run around all week every week with the girls getting them here and there making sure they do dance class and all as that is what a Mama does!

Parents work hard and come home exhausted and while doing that get frustrated when the youth fuss n fight, decide they do not like whats for dinner or do not want to go to bed on time. However that is just what children do. If you live in a household where chaos is what happens than that is what they will act on. If they live in a quiet no yelling calm household then they will reflect that.

We experience different people each day while running the store and Nick-Knacks and we sit and watch how families are very different from one another. Observing how different each person is brings us knowledge and understanding that we need to continuously show love to each other every moment we have left here in our physical form..

We want to wish each and everyone a joyous Holiday Season! We are blessed to still be able to come to you all by means of WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sources.

Thank you to all who read our posts, who shop in our store in person or online and who have grown to know and love all our youth!

May these new days ahead be bright and let them be the time that you reach higher for what you can achieve as success does not mean how much money you have but how much love you have in your heart and soul..

My final Thanks go to all our children as we watch you grow please know that each and every thing we do is for you all. You are what we live for and why we work so hard day into night to keep our businesses growing.

I also of course can not end this very meaningful post without saying humble to thanks to the one and only Mr. Dillon- you are my rock my life and my love. We always withstand the storms of time together and we have never been as strong as we are now. Standing by me through all in life and keeping my blessings abundant always! Thank you is merely a small thing to say to you!

We wish you all peace love and light! may the Almighty Continue to guide and bless us all and keep our children and families safe!

One Perfect Love!
Sudsing Off
Dawn Marie Dillon


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