Healthy Snack Recipe and Ideas

Morning Greetings,

After experiencing below freezing temps, snow,ice and rain storms we are at warm temperatures today! I say welcome to winter!

We as a family are trying so very hard to change over 100% of our daily diet to home-aide raw foods! With the girls it can be hard so we are always looking for new and exciting things!

Recently I came across a recipe for real yummy raw fruit roll ups or fruit leather as some call it.

Well I tried it in the dehydrator and actually did not set my alarm and over dried them. I thought it would have been straight to the animals in the yard for them but it turned out I made Fruit Chips instead of a roll up! Lalibella Loves them as does our friends and family! YIPPEE

So I wanted to share this recipe that you can tweak to your own taste buds or well the children’s taste buds LOL

I pureed 4 bananas that were starting to get dark and added 1 tablespoon of Alkaline water set at 9.0 (this makes the blender able to puree it easier)

Once all gets into a liquid state I set some parchment paper on my dehydrator trays and smoothed the mixture onto the tray and set the dehydrator on for 6 hours.

My dehydrator has only an on setting no tempature setting . If you have a dehydrator that has settings it sould not be above 115 degrees.

If you want them to be a roll up then set your timer for 4 hours and check it.

Once done peel off the parchment paper and you have either your chips or fruit roll ups!

I am upgrading my dehydrator soon and will be able to control the temps of things better and time them better too!

We also make dried apples, rasberries,blueberry and bannanas in the dehydrator. They are all healthy non processed snacks and foods for the children and boy they really do love them!

Now if you want to get creative add other fruit to be purreed and if your adding hard fruit just steam them for a short time to soften them up before putting them in the blender! 

You can add seasme seeds, coconut, ground flax or ground hemp & chia seeds too! Get creative and get on the track to Raw Food Snacks for you and your family!



Sudsing Off As Always

Dawn Marie


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