Spring up Into Spring

Afternoon Greetings!

Today we are one day closer to the clocks springing ahead and the weather to start changing .  This is also a time to renew and cleanse our Minds, Bodies and Places we are around! So get yourself ready to welcome the warmer weather and longer hours of daylight by lightening your load inside and cleaning your home.office,rooms or where ever you spend your time!

We just had Bethany do a great workshop at Breathless Beauty Organnic Vegan & Natural Market and the attendees made a Herbal Tisane and some great household cleaners!

While we where all sitting around discussing how important it is to clean from the inside out  it is also very clear that during this time of year we want to have our bodies in the best possible shape so that we can enjoy the wonderful outdoor activities that we will be doing in the very short weeks to come!

This past week I started working with an amazing new client to help her in taking some weight off!  We all need to be healthy and able to do the things we want in life and there are many ways to do that. When we have excess weight we carry more than extra pounds! We are carrying the risk of health problems, added stress, and anxiety to say the least.

How do we loose the weight and keep it off succesfully?

Well as a Health Coach i have decided to start the plan with the goal of loosing 7-10 pounds! Yes I know those who know me are like why??? You do not look like you need to loose weight! Well my story is this!

I at one point in my life weighed in at 230lbs! yes you heard me right!!!! 

It took a long time to loose it and I have kept it off very well on my own, however I did not know about weight loss plans back then and well it was almost 2 years to see a difference in my weight.. I struggle to make sure I do not get it back on! 

When i was approached about Health Coaching over a year ago I was not sure if it was right for me and then it hit me that I had struggled so so much and now I can be able to help others!

Right now I just weighed in at 162lbs and was not happy that my numbers are going up and said to my mentor I need to get some weight off so I went on a Fast for cleansing reasons then started the Take Shape For Life program on Saturday! I am eating 6 meals a day in portions with the program and feeling great! Eating what is called the 5 in 1 program to be exact! It took some time getting use to but I can say that I am down 4 pounds and feeling great! I will be at my goal weight very soon !

Now this timing could not be better as I am on the program and coaching someone at the same time so I can go through all the feelings they are going through! We both started at the same time and are feeling the same things! How awesome is that! A Health Coach who is able to completely and wholeheartedly get it!!!

The goal with Take Shape For Life is to get you on the program and loose what you need and transition you off to maintian your weight, health and wellness! After all we are all about Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and Healthy Finances!

I wanted to share this with you all as I know weight is a very touchy subject especially for women and we can all work together and get healthy..


I encourage you where ever you may be in this great world to check out the website  www.breathlessbeauty.tsfl.com and what I do and take the first step to becoming healthy the right way! My Health Coach Services are at no cost and can be done from anywhere at any means of communication! Whether its in person, over the phone, via skype or facetime, texting messaging or whatever will work for you! Lets get the WORLD HEALTHY BY STARTING WiTH YOU!


Sudsing away!

Dawn Marie


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I am a artisan by true meaning. I put all my creative energy into everything I do. My eye for detail puts all my creations on a level by th
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