Allergy Time Coming Soon? Beat it Naturally

March Morning Snowy Greetings!

We woke up to a call at 5 am saying 2 hour delay then another call at 7:30 cancelling school While Lizzy was freaking out over the fact that OM competition is tomorrow and they have to practice and load the truck tonight I got up dug out the car and was happy our plow guy came to do our driveway although as we speak it is white again ! Love Winter!!!

Well with all the snow still falling those who suffer from seasonal allergies need to be preparing to ward them off now! I know its like hard to envision allergies when we are still digging out of the snow however March ” Comes in like a lion and out like a lamb” so they say! One minute is snowing and freezing next thing we know the suns rays are beating down and the flowers are blooming!  If you look closely at some trees they are already budding!

So lets get ourselves ready and here is how I do it sucessfully!

1. Boost your immune system every day with Astralagus. It will boost your immune system! this is a root and you can chew on it as well as making a tisane with it.

2. Boost your liver. Nothing better than getting those sluggish winter weather months out of your system! Once your Liver is functioning the way it is supposed to you are good to go! I love Dandelion, Burdock Root, Milk Thistle and Tumeric! Make this into a decoction and drink daily!

3. Get a Netti Pot and My personal favorite is adding a solution called Alkalol to it! It helps clear me up right away! Please make sure you thoroughly clean out your netti pot before and after each use!

4. I add tons of garlic to my foods more than usual actually right bfore the spring! Garlic is a natural antibiotic and will fight off plenty of things and help your bodies immune system!

5.Stay away from proceesed foods (junk) and sugars. Try to eat sprouted grains if you eat grains and add tons of fruits and veggies in your daily diet.. We take Juice Plus daily and that has significantly helped with sickness and allergies! Information about Juice Plus can be found at

There are plenty more things you can do like eating raw Local Honey and Taking Local Bee Pollen too as they will help you boost your immunity to the local spring time allergy stuff!

You can also try golden rod tincture to help also! I take that all year around and it lessens my allergies!


As always any questions or comments  let us know 🙂


Sudsing off to shovel more snow!

Dawn Marie


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