So Are You Going Gluten Free?

Spring Evening Greetings to all!

Many times we have indulged in things we should not have especially processed foods! Now we are in a much more health conscious era and time in our lives. More so today as we want our children to have the healthiest lives they can!

We have started on the Gluten Free path at home and at Breathless Beauty Organic Vegan & Natural Market so we can offer each and everyone healthy vegan, Raw and Gluten Free items each day at our Cafe!


We know it seems like a lot to start with but we have taken just one step at a time to make this great change! It is not as hard as it seems and its just a bit more time consuming with Research and some trial and error! Taking the Organic Vegan Raw and Now Gluten Free Market by storm Is Sweets N Things!

We will offer only the finest in Raw GF Treats and each and every item will be VEGAN! Most of our cookies and bars will be made delicately and slowly in the dehydrator! This way they will retain all the nutrients and will have a longer shelf life! With bases of Cashews and Flax Seed Meal these items will have not only great taste but have an amazing texture!

Dawn Marie’s Pastry Arts Degree has allowed her to know excatly how to subsitute without taking anything away from the overall Raw Delicious Treat!

Look for our Gluten Free and Raw Workshops !

We will be starting a Totally Gluten Free Co-Op this fall too! Get on our mailing list today for the best in Organic GF products and great prices!

Lets all get healhtier and take the next step! Join us today!!!

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Sudsing Off 

Dawn Marie



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I am a artisan by true meaning. I put all my creative energy into everything I do. My eye for detail puts all my creations on a level by th
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