Going All Natural is Not Easy

Well it’s almost the start of the new school year! I am amazed that the girls will be heading back to school in the new few weeks! Lizzy the now soccer girl will be in school the week after next and well Lali is heading to pre-k the first week in September !  Where did summer go???? It’s been feeling like fall in these mountains and we are waking up under blankets and comforters as its in the 40’s at night! Although its not the warm weather many would like we are enjoying evening walks in the cool weather.  


Now I have been speaking to so many people about what to do to live a more green and natural lifestyle and trust me when I say I know it is not easy.  

Lets take cleaning for example , it is so fast and cheap to go out there and buy a cleaner for the floors in the dollar store rather than take your time mixing water, vinegar and essential oils but the question really is how unhealthy is it to spend that dollar on the product? 

We have enough pollution and chemicals around us why should we add to the junk we are absorbing though our pores and inhaling? 

Studies are out there showing the dangers of these chemicals all we need to do is to google it!!!

There are so many easy ways to replace the junk we spend our hard earned dollars with by just making one change at a time and in the long run you will save more money on your health and wellbeing

So to help out a little here is a do it yourself tips!

Try using a lemon peel if you need to cut some grease or oil on your pots pans and counters

Try using Apple Cider Vinegar to mop up your floors to cut the smell of your dog or cats !

You can also start making your very own liquid soap for the very favorite bar of soap you may have by grating it up placing it in a pot with water. Generally the ratio is 3 parts water to 1 part soap…


We have a great PDF containing tons of do it yourself healthy household recipes and if your interested in it please leave us a comment and we would be more than happy to email it to everyone.  You can also visit http://www.breathlessbeauty.org and click on the live recording of the Blog Talk Radio Show to get more amazing and easy ideas for going green and natural at home. 


Remember to go slow and change one thing at a time , this way you do not feel overwhelmed and give up!!!




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I am a artisan by true meaning. I put all my creative energy into everything I do. My eye for detail puts all my creations on a level by th
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