We Live , We Love , We Celebrate Life

Morning Blessings to All.

School is back in session and I am not sure about everyone else but it is chilly here in these mountains! I am reading and hearing about the children already missing school due to illnesses like Strep and Colds!  I heard we may have frost ( yikes my garden 😦  is not ready for that!) We are wearing long sleeves and sweaters too!

Oh well right that is what happens when seasons change and it is still beautiful! The leaves are falling a bit here and starting to change color, the deer are all over the place and their coats seem to be getting darker too already! A sign of winter creeping in soon?  Preparing the firewood and perhaps lighting the fireplace sooner than later!  As much as we know summer went really fast it is a joyous time still!

As many of our facebook friends and Breathless family has seen we lost an amazing Friend and Little brother Shayne Croop in recent. We have taken up collections and have decided to give 100% of all our sales from Saturday August 31st through Saturday Septemeber 7th to the family to help with his memorial.  We are also planning a celebration of his life at Breathless Beauty as that is one place he just loved to be. A facebook page has been set up for Shayne and it also has a donation tab through Donate Social- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shayne-Croop-Memorial/418102508310770

Nick and I are honored to do this for Shayne, he was a really great , loving, intelligent and hardworking guy!

We all get so busy with the hussle of daily life sometimes we do not smile and show our love, support and sense of being present as often as we should. Many times things are taken for granted and our days get so filled with work that all other things slip away into nothingness.  Over the years I have come to realize that we need to take a few moments as those moments to us may be nothing but to others it feels everlasting!

Take a minute to just smile, give a hug ,a wink , a laugh, a kiss , just give something to someone you love or to a starnger as we never know who needs their day to be brightened!

Parents love your children above everything else , give them all your love and support and they will be happy and teach the love you showed them to others. 


Nick and I thank you all who have helped and supported this celebration of Shayne’s Life. Let us continue to help and support eachother everyday not only in times of tragedy.


We also honor his family:

Howard, Bonnie, Valerie , & Joanna 

Our Humble Love,

Nick ,Dawn Marie, Elizabeth & Lalibella


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