Is it a cold or is it Allergies???

Great Morning to All!

So with this weather a little silly and being chilly one day hot the next and so on we seem to have oh so many people feeling not so well!

Many are asking me for Elderberry Syrup, Elderberry and Echinacea Tincture etc and then I ask well what are your symptoms?

surprisingly most of them are in fact allergy related and not cold/flu related!!!

Besides the fact that I study Herbal Medicine I also suffer from Late Summer /Early Fall Allergies and years ago before I even thought about studying any kind of Herbal or Medicine Related course I too thought it was a cold and treated a cold but it never worked!!!

I found an easy chart to follow with symptoms, to help you determine what you are suffering from! This chart is only to be used as a guide and it can not and will not replace the advice of your physician!!! Try to eat and drink plenty of foods that are Alkaline!!! Including Alkaline Water! If you are not able to drink Alkaline Water through a trusted source or via an Alkaline machine you have at home place a lemon wedge in your water, it will bring the PH of your water up!!!

Runny Nose Usually Usually
Cough Usually Sometimes
Sneezing Usually Usually
Sore Throat Usually Sometimes
Itchy Eyes Rarely Usually
Aches and Pains Sometimes Rarely
Fatigue Sometimes Sometimes
Fever Rarely Never
Congestion Usually Usually
Itchy Throat Rarely Sometimes
Headache Sometimes Rarely

Check your symptoms against those above. Then use the chart to determine where you stand. If you’re suffering from an itchy throat, for example, it may be an allergy cough – rather than a cough caused by a cold. If you have a headache that you can feel in your sinuses, it may be an allergy headache.

So before you reach for any medication whether it be herbal or Medicinal check your symptoms, also if it is minor try to steer away from treating the symptoms and let your body work for itself! Always be very careful when using any medicinal treatment with Children, Elderly, Pregnant and Lactating Women!!!!

Well Wishes to all who have the sniffles!!!

Dawn Marie


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