Breathless Beauty Hits A High with 3 Press Pieces this WEEK!!

Saturday Blessings to all,

We have been abundantly blessed this week to be in 3 separate articles!
2 Newspapers, The Pike County Dispatch, The Pike County Courier, & The magazine Natural Awakenings!

We want to thank each and everyone who supports us near and far for making Breathless Beauty Organic Vegan & Natural Market your place to find all you need for your home and bodies!

Here are the articles and pictures 🙂






Pike County Courier: Friday October 04,2013

MILFORD — As more people learn about the benefits of organic and vegan or vegetarian living, the demand for such products is growing. Nick and Dawn Marie Dillon, are vegetarian and vegan respectively and wanted to share that with their neighbors. So they opened up Breathless Beauty, an all natural one stop organic shop in Milford.
“We are originally from New York and we moved to Milford,” Nick said. “There was no place to find standard vegan and vegetarian products in the area. We first started our own line of plant based organic goods based in a very grassroots manner about 10 years ago. We always dreamed of having a storefront and we began to plan vigorously. When we got here, it felt right.”
The Dillons have been involved in the organic movement for quite some time.
“I am a vegetarian and Rastafarian so it was something I fit in with culturally,” Nick said. “It was natural for us to be involved in the organic movement. It is national and global movement. We started Breathless Beauty handmade products because we wanted to notify potential customers that we represent the organic movement and its perspective about a healthy lifestyle.”
The Dillons are constantly working to meet demands and cultivate new products.
“The handmade line is very much in demand,” Nick explained. “The ‘sweetness’ bar soap is our signature scent. It was first made over 10 years ago and has become a regional and national favorite. Since then we developed 20 other soaps as well as three lotions and other products. We create them based on demand in very small batches so that we can pay attention to detail and create a consistent product. We have very high standards. Each batch makes about a dozen to dozen and a half and when that runs out we remake another batch.”
The store carries a variety of the handmade soaps and lotions as well as several other nationally recognized brands, according to Nick.
“We even have meatless vegan strips which are a great vegan or vegetarian alternative to beef jerky,” he said. “It mimics a meatlike taste and is a source of protein and energy.”

Breathless Beauty also has teas and coffees and just started to promote and distribute from their juice bar.
“You can get organic live juice that we create in front of you,” Nick said. “It is live in the sense that it captures the enzymes in the fruit.”
All of the products sold at the store are made locally from people around the area.
“If someone makes jewelry or knits we will display it in the store,” Nick said. “We are willing to help launch small businesses within our platform. There is no charge to be here and a very small commission on sales for things because they are under our umbrella.”
Nick hopes to teach people about the organic movement and a healthier lifestyle.
“It is not for profit per-say. It is more for enlightenment. We hope to educate people about natural alternatives. My wife and the co-owner is an herbalist,” he said.
Part of their education will be through a TV set up in their sit down cafe. It will stream informative information about juicing and health and wellness.
He also hopes that through word of mouth more people will become aware of the movement, and the store.
“We have been here for three years and still a lot of people don’t know that we even exist,” he said. “In the winter we do workshops on the immune system and on how to fight colds and sickness and flu and how to make homemade medicine.”
For more information, visit or look them up on Facebook.

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The Pike County Dispatch- Thursday October 03, 2013

Locavores Flock To Farm-To-Table Gathering
By Ken Baumel
MILFORD — Air Soil and Water, a group advocating sustainability and renewable energy as a lifestyle, hosted their first Farm-To-Table Festival.

The festival, organized by Air Soil and Water founder Jolie DeFeis and attorney Dave Wallace, took place last weekend at the River Rock Inn & Restaurant on Ann Street in Milford Borough.

The event featured organic food purveyors, farmers, companies promoting a sustainable lifestyle, and entrepreneurs offering produce and organic products.

Virtually half the vendors have tables at the Barryville, NY Farmer’s Market, noted DeFeis.

DeFeis said that times are changing because of the rising cost of the economy. One antidote to the rising cost of food shipped across country and even internationally is that most Tri-State communities are close to farmers and food producers.

Wallace and DeFeis noted that many factors are coming together to make this a great time to build a local economy based upon networking with food growers and food retailers.

Local food is an alternative to big box store food and large supermarkets. A downside of consuming processed food is that it tends to have lower nutritional value and taste than organic food, according to DeFeis. People that practice this lifestyle are known as locavores.

DeFeis said that the farm-to-table event is just one of a series of educational initiatives presented in by Air Soil Water in the past year. Defies said, “This event was a trial balloon.”

DeFeis and Wallace said that the organization hopes to educate people about the benefits of organic food. The board members not only want the public to buy produce grown locally, but restaurants and food purveyors to also buy from local sources.

Farm to Table brought all the players together in one place. As the producers, retailers, and the public begin to interact, the network strengthens the local economy. There is less reliance on the national food distribution system.

DeFeis said, “We want to make the community more sustainable. Wallace said, “It’s all about renewable energy and sustainability.”

Wallace said that a good example of how a farmers market can help a community occurred in Greece. In the past few years when their national debt caused periodic disruption to the economy and breakdowns in food distribution, ordinary people were forced to become survivalists.

Wallace said that studies (such as one conducted by Iowa State University Department of Agriculture) have shown that agricultural resources are efficient in keeping dollars in the community as opposed to local money going to pay dividends and profits to shareholders of big-box stores. Even though big-box stores hire many local people, overall, local economies work better when there is more local liquidity, noted Wallace. That means that more money is circulated locally rather than going out of town.

Wallace said that in Greece, when the distribution system broke down and stores ran out of food or when food became too expensive, the public survived by simply going to the local farmer’s market and knowing where to go within the local food-producing network. The public could access and barter for food grown by local producers… for complete story, get this week’s issue.

Natural Awakenings Magazine
October 2013 Issue

natural awakenings magazine


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