Why Choose Habits Of Health

Late Morning Greetings to All.

Chilly has been an understatement these days!
Thoughts of Hot cider, warm fires, hot soups and all that warm goodness!!! I too think of all those except I would choose Hot Teas and Tisanes instead!

I also know that the colder it gets the more we tend to stay home , move around a lot less and since holidays are coming we will tend to eat what we should not , therefore suffer the consequences of weight gain!

Over the past few months I myself have put on some extra pounds… Due to many reasons in life things happen so now what do I do about the pounds I have gained?

I will start once again my weight loss journey with Take Shape For Life! Yes that is the company I do my Health Coaching with!

Now many ask why don’t you just juice fast and how can you gain when your vegetarian etc etc… So the answer I have is simple. This program is not designed to keep you on, they are designed to have you lose the weight and LEARN HOW TO KEEP IT OFF!!! No meetings to attend yet I have a private Health Coach that is there for me personally at times when I need a hand to stay on track which is at no cost to me! While on the plan I will stay on my Vegetarian Diet and also be Gluten Free all in one easy to follow meal plan called 5 in 1. It is safe easy and effective that is why I choose Take Shape For Life!!!

Eat 5 perfectly balanced easy to prepare Meals and then eat one meal in which I prepare from my home ingredients! Perfectly balanced and proportioned each time!

I will start this journey November 04 013, Monday morning!!!

So now to the journey I want to include all on… I will include a personal 30 day Blog post each day Starting November 04 2013! These post will include real life pictures and their stories before and after pictures will be included! I will also provide updates each day on my progress and goals. I will keep all informed as you will what a transformational journey.

I want you to join me on this journey to Optimal Health and wellness and if you are not interested can you please let others know what I am doing and maybe they can join me!!
If you have a moment come and see what Take Shape For Life is all about! http://www.breathlessbeauty.tsfl.com/explore

Sudsing Off
Dawn Marie


About BreathlessBeauty

I am a artisan by true meaning. I put all my creative energy into everything I do. My eye for detail puts all my creations on a level by th
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