Consider Composting Lately ?

Warm love this early evening,

November is here things have sure went fast and changed very quickly. Here we were blessed with two very pleasant warm days last week..

Now with change also comes things happening in your outdoor garden, especially if you are now in the cold season where here we have frost almost each nite.

Time to start thinking about your gardening goals for next year and perhaps doing something really amazing for your garden like starting to compost!!!! We here at Breathless Beauty Organic Vegan and Natural Market compost both at home and in the store so there is less waste in our trash bins.

Every garden will flourish and benefit from composting. You compost all raw fruit and vegetable scraps, trimmings from plants ,grass clippings, dried raked leaves, weeds that were pulled, egg shells, coffee grinds and the used tea in your tea bag!
This time of year here makes composting pretty easy despite the fact that we have to climb over the snow to get to the bin as the bears are pretty much not around the compost bins so much… For those who have an apartment you can get a counter top compost bin :).

Composting is essential to have the most nutritious additive to your garden without spending extra money as you are composting what you normal buy anyway. The small investment will be in your compost container or you small fenced in area that you make yourself.. You can also compost in a pile in a specific place that you will garden in next spring which will have not costs attached.

At home our compost bin starts in spring empty as we use what has composted in the garden and by this time is almost full yet it will start to decompose and be less full. Always remember to occasionally turn your compost so it has a chance to decompose a bit faster.

Please let us know if you have any composting questions 😉

Sudsing away.
Dawn Marie


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