CSA share is coming this week, Please RSVP YOUR SHARE

Hello vegetable enthusiast !
This is Jocelyn from Ebb & Flow Farm.
We will be delivering farm fresh veggie to Breathless Beauty this coming Sat July 26th at noon. Please email us back if you would
like a share to purchase for $30.

The list of vegetables that will be in your share is: Lettuce mix $5 double washed & dried, Kale $3, Cucumbers $2, Green beans $5, Radishes $2, Swiss Chard $3, Baby Carrots $3, Tomatoes $2, Garlic 5 bulbs for $5, Garlic scapes $2 and hopefully fresh Arugula as a bonus.
You will find in each bunch of greens you receive much more then you get at any store. Normal bunches of greens are a total of 4-5 leaves and we give you double the amount. So your share box/bag will be very full at the value of $35 for $30. Sorry we cannot customize your share.
Please email us back to let us know you will be at Breathless Beauty at noon on Saturday the 26th to pick up your share.

Please no pre payments. Cash only !!

Thank you for supporting local business and small farms like us.
~~ Many blessings from our farm crew~~
~~~ Forrest, Jocelyn, Alec & Baby Jasmine ~~
For more information like Ebb & Flow Farm on facebook~
~ Also Ebb & Flow Creations funds our farm project~~


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I am a artisan by true meaning. I put all my creative energy into everything I do. My eye for detail puts all my creations on a level by th
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