Wont you come for Tea!

Beautiful Greetings of Autumn Beauty!

While I sit and have my first cup of tea at Breathless I see nothing but the beauty and colors of the season change over from Summer to Autumn…. Breathtaking to say the least!

There are so many hidden treasures to be found when you are amongst Nature…

As said very well by Albert Camus ” Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”

It is very well the perfect season for warm Tea!.. Well for me any season works but nothing is more amazing than waking up to crisp cool air and making the perfect cup of tea in the cooler months of the year!

What drives us to be fascinated by the various differences between herbs, flowers, leaves , stems and roots that we have such a strong draw to drink these in hot water???

We have ben given a great pallet that can enjoy all the different flavors of nature.

Not all that we may be drinking is tea however! Tea is categorized as Black, White, Green and Roobious !

Parts of the herbal plants like leaves and flowers are actually called Herbal Infusions not Tea, and Hard parts of herbal plants such as stems,barks and roots are called Herbal Decoctions not Tea!

What is an Herbal Infusion or an Herbal Decoction??? In all reality it is a method used to prepare these. Now when you make traditional tea you are using the method of infusion!!!

An Herbal infusion is prepared by heating your water then adding the herbs to steep for the desired length of time. Always cover your tea cup while steeping to get the benefits of all the essentials to stay in your cup and not evaporate in the air… Once it is steeped then strain off the herbs and enjoy !

An Herbal decoction is prepared when you actually put the plant parts in the pot and keep it on simmer on the stove or over a heat source.  The amount of time you leave these herbs on simmer will depend on how long your recipe calls for. I usually leave them simmer for 5-12 minutes. covered!!! I can not express to you all the importance in covering your teas,herbal infusions or decoctions! Strain and enjoy.

So i am also asked what my take is on using sweeteners.  Well everyone has their own likes and dislikes! Personally I use Raw Honey or a very small amount of Raw Sugar…

I do however wait until my tea,infusion or decoction is cooled slightly as I do not want to put Raw Honey that has so many benefits into a cup of very hot water.. I want the honey to retain all of its health benefits!!!

Have you ever been invited to a Tea Party or Tea Tasting? We will be releasing the information for our Very First ever Tea Social Tasting very soon!!!! You will be able to experience up to 5 Different Loose Leaf Teas or Herbal Infusions as well as enjoy traditional Tea Foods like Tea Sandwiches , Scones and Tea Cookies! (all Vegan of course)!!

Stay Tunedth


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