The New Way Of Breathless Beauty Kicks Off right now!!!

Greetings and Love!

Can you imagine that this is the end of October???  It feels like a dream in so many ways but it is reality!

With the seasons that came and are almost changing yet again so will Breathless be having some drastic changes! All amazingly wonderful of course!

We as a whole will be focusing on our goals and our talents that we carry each and every moment with us! Our focus we will be really shifting to our products. We have brought in so many hand created items yet Hand Crafted or Hand made is not enough for us anymore!

We introduce you to our New and improved slogan and way of thinking!

Breathless Beauty Made With Real Hands!!

We sit and create with our own hands and it is important to let it be known that these creations are from us directly!

Our Holiday campaign will include tons of items! With many NEW items and the ones we have made in the past with great improvements!

Our soaps are now 5.2 ounces!!! That is an increase from the 4.8 oz. bar!!! With each soap starting in November you will get useful tips and beautiful sayings in each box! A little inspiration for our loyal customers!

We have now added 2 additional soaps to our line!    Vanilla and Honey Soap and a Neem Drawing Soap with real Organic Neem Oil and Black Walnut Powder!!

Now available to order :

Knitted socks.  We offer all sizes and colors too..

Knitted and Crocheted hats and scarfs. Offering all sizes and colors!

Have you seen our new selection of Hand Dyed and Hand Spun yarns?? All available both At our store and Online!

Our Majestic Mountain  Herbal Line is now packaged and will go on the shelf this weekend!!!!  This is very exciting . All our teas will come packaged either in a tin container with tea sacks or in a lovely box! We will still have our line available to purchase in bulk amounts too!

The focus of Breathless is now revolving into what we create!  Made With Real Hands!!!

Dawn Marie


About BreathlessBeauty

I am a artisan by true meaning. I put all my creative energy into everything I do. My eye for detail puts all my creations on a level by th
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